Motherlode Bicycle Coalition - Year End Report Aug 2016-2017

Motherlode Bicycle Coalition
Year End Report
August 2016-2017

The Mission of the Motherlode Bicycle Coalition is to enable more people to bicycle for healthier, safer, and more prosperous Foothill communities.

The rural roads in the California Foothills are used by recreational cyclists, for fundraising bike ride events and cycling tourism. The rural roads used by cyclists need to be identified as such, free of debris, signs posted that alert drivers, Caution Share the Road, vehicle drivers need to expect that bike riders will be on the road and they must give bicyclists at least three feet of space when passing. In addition, young adults, local residents and retired persons need to be encouraged to ride bikes or electric bikes, free of worry that the “roads aren't safe,” and students should be able to ride their bicycles to school and adults to the local market.

The Motherlode Bicycle Coalition was formed by a small group of Transportation Planners, Tourism and Civic Leaders in Calaveras County. This group wants to create a culture of cycling in the Motherlode and to provide feedback to Cal Trans District 10 about road design, assisting rural tourism offices to identify popular cycling roads, promote cycling and increase the number of Californians who ride a bicycle in the Motherlode.

Last August, I learned quickly that other bicycle coalitions existed in California working with local Active Transportation Commissions; in Stockton, Napa, El Dorado Hills, Sacramento and in Lake Tahoe, to name a few. How lucky we are that the Calaveras Active Transportation Group saw a need and took action to promote and protect cycling in the Foothills.

There are over 1000 cyclists in regional bike clubs who ride in the Motherlode and Sierras. There are three local foothill bike clubs but, most cyclists travel from the Central Valley to ride their bikes. Additionally, each year there are ten bike events that bring over 4,000 cyclists to the Motherlode and Sierras: Amador Bike and Wine, Peddling Paths to Independence, Party Pardee, Mr. Frogs Ride, Ride4Art, Lodi Tour de Vines, Sierra Century, Rim Fire Century, Ebbett's Pass Century, and popular Death Ride. And, finally each year over 1,000 Northern California Nevada Cycling Association Bike racers come to Milton or Cooperopolis to race bikes on Easter Weekend and in August.

And, most recently the Historic Jackson Bike Race is back and happening on Saturday, September 9, 2017.

It has been one year since I was asked, “why don't we form a Bicycle Coalition in Calaveras County and the Foothills communities.

What was accomplished in one year!

Signed a Partnership Agreement with the California Bicycle Coalition to establish Motherlode Bicycle Coalition.
Served as an advocate for the Adventure Cycling Association appeal to the Amador County Board of Supervisors to designate parts of Highway 88, for the Highway 80 West to East Bike Route
Joined and participated in the California Bike Advisory Commission reporting to the California Department of Cal Trans
Submitted an Active Transportation Grant to support Cycling Tourism Planning in District 10
Served as a District 10 bicycle advocate to seek input from cyclists regarding road design
Formed a safety bike group to meet with local law enforcement, date mid September 2017
Wrote a Monthly Motherlode Bicycle Coalition newsletter
Worked with Amador Community News Editor, Carol Harper to create the Motherlode Bicycle Coalition blog,

And, most recently, The Motherlode Cycling Coalition and Red Kite Racing are holding the Motherlode Bicycle Fest in September: the Jackson Historic Bike Race and Family Fun Ride in Ione.

There was a time when local bike clubs sponsored local bike races and entered a race team from their club.

We have a bike race in one of our favorite bike riding Counties, Amador!

I am asking Northern California Bike Clubs and Friends of the Motherlode Bicycle Coalition to be part of the Motherlode Cycling Weekend, an NNCA Criterium Race in downtown Jackson and Sunday, a family fun ride on Five Mile and Dave Brubeck Roads in Ione.

Here is what you can do to support cycling in the Motherlode!

Ride your bike to Jackson Historic Bike Race,
Volunteer as a Course Marshall at Bike Race, email
Donate to Motherlode Cycling Event GoFundMe Fundraiser,
Donate a Race prize, cash or gift, email me!

Participate in Ione Five Mile Road Sunday Family Ride

Looking ahead to the next twelve months… my goal is to maintain the activities accomplished in Year 1, help create a District 10 Bike Advisory Commission, participate in the Cal Bike Summit, sponsor monthly Beer and Bike Events at Foothill Brew Pubs, and participate in the 2018 Dream Ride to support the work of the California Bicycle Coalition.

Rob Williams

Co-Founder of the Motherlode Bicycle Coalition

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