Friday, April 6, 2018

Motherlode Bicycle Coalition - Spring 2018

Motherlode Bicycle Coalition

Can you imagine a Bike and Walking Trail linking Jackson and Sonora, or San Andreas and Angels Camp? If so, let’s take steps to plan, build and maintain a Bike and Walking Trail in the Motherlode.

I have an idea to raise seed money to begin planning. The purpose of the fundraiser is to raise awareness and generate funds to hire a land use planner.

The fundraising event is a two day Grand Fondo Bike Event for 200 cyclists riding from Jackson to Sonora. The route would not follow highway 49, but ride along the back roads of Amador, Calaveras, and Tuolumne Counties in June 2020.

If you are interested in supporting this long term project, email or call 209-531-5844.

If you didn’t read about cycling in the Motherlode, check out this Sierra Lodestar feature by Maggie Sloan.
March 7, 2018

Check out photos and event highlights at

At the April 5th, California Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting a proposal to create a designated bike lane “Advisory Shoulders” in rural communities is being presented to Cal Trans by Michael Williams, TranConsultant.

Advisory bicycle lanes (ABLs) are a roadway striping configuration which provides for two-way motor vehicle and bicycle traffic using a central travel lane for motor vehicles and “advisory” bike lanes on either side. The center lane is dedicated to, and shared by, motorists traveling in both directions. Cyclists are given preference in the bike lanes but motorists can move into the bike lanes in order to pass other road users after yielding to other users there. These shared bike and vehicle roads exist in Netherlands. Calaveritas and Salt Springs Roads could be designed as Advisory Bike Lane Roads. The county and Tourism Office could promote these cycling roads as cycling friendly that would benefit our local economy. The CBAC members have placed on the next agenda further discussion to present a request for Cal Trans Study and experimentation.

Join Cal Bike for the 5th Annual California Dream Ride, October 7-12, riding from Santa Barbara to San Diego. The route features stunning natural vistas and is moderately challenging, with some uphills to test your mettle. Participants can also try our new complimentary E-bikes. Upscale hotels, delicious meals, and attentive staff are included. Just pedal and have fun!

Party Pardee - April 7, 2018
Mr. Frogs Ride - April 14, 2018

A Bike Advocacy Group, at is calling for an Enforcing Laws for Cycling Safety Town Hall to respectfully discuss law enforcement's and our court system's commitment to cycling safety, lessons they have learned over the years working in Alameda County, and best practices that can be shared and institutionalized. They are waiting to hear if the Alameda County District Attorney accepts an invitation to hold a Town Hall Meeting.  They also invited the CHP, the Sheriff, and all cycling safety stakeholders.

A group of cyclists from the Stockton and Stanislaus Bike Clubs and former Cal Trans District 10 Chief Planner met with the San Andreas CHP to discuss cycling in the Motherlode and Sierras. The meeting was very productive! We discussed popular cycling roads and events in Calaveras County, cyclists and vehicle safe practices, and using the San Andreas CHP Facebook page to promote safe cycling in the Motherlode. A second follow up meeting is planned for December 2018.

End note...

Recently, I went for a bike ride with a bike pal from the past, Dr. Kelley George, Sonora Pediatrician. It’s been 18 years since we cycled together and we rode a 35 mile loop from Knights Ferry to Woodard Reservoir. The weather was perfect and the roads were clearly marked to Share the Road with cyclists. For most of the two hours we shared stories about family, work, cycling, and some politics. Kelley shared this heart warming story about kitten, Charlie.

Four years ago Kelley and his bike friend, Marvin, a veterinarian were riding the same route I was enjoying. It happened that Kelley and Marvin were riding in a crisp fall afternoon near Woodard Reservoir and stopped to enjoy scenery. Charlie appeared out of the tall brown grass, malnourished, weighing 2 pounds and very thin. Kelley shared his peanut butter snack bar and water. The baby kitten, never left his side! In fact, Kelley and Marvin took turns riding 17 miles back to Knights Ferry with Charlie tucked in their front jerseys. Marvin took Charlie back to his office and cared for baby kitten until ready for returning to the home of his founder and champion, Dr. George.

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