Saturday, November 4, 2017

Motherlode Bicycle Coalition: November 2017

During October 3-6, I was a presenter at the CALIFORNIA BICYCLE SUMMIT and attended the Cal Trans California Bike Advisory Committee meeting. My grandson Rhett was born on Sunday, October 8. Rhett spent his first three weeks at Stanford, not as a student but as a patient at Children's Hospital and returned to his home in Sonora on Wednesday, November 1. He is a handsome, healthy baby, with a full head of white hair and his parents displayed true grit and love during the last three and half weeks.

During my time in Palo Alto I learned the value of professional care and teaching hospitals. I also realized how important establishing a culture where parents, medical staff, patients, and visitors wash their hands, not once but several times during the day. This norm was embraced, expected and monitored. And, this level of care insured that babies don’t get sick during their hospital stays.

Of course, I looked at this culture of care and thought of cycling in the Foothills. Imagine if vehicle drivers embraced that cyclists shared their roads, expected a cyclists riding along a shoulder, and all vehicles gave cyclists three feet of safety.

I attended several sessions at the California Bicycle Summit. My favorite two sessions: Ten Years and $52 Billion-Making the Most of Senate Bill 1, the largest transportation funding increase in the states history, and the CalTrans Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.

Senate Bill 1, is the tax measure that will bring in $5.2 billion in annual funding to help the state achieve its climate and air quality goals.

I learned that the new gas tax money that will be used for bicycle and pedestrian improvements needs local communities to develop and plan updated bike and pedestrian plans. And, I listened carefully when Phoebe Season, Leadership Council for Justice and Accountability spoke about rural communities having an equal share of SB 1 Active Transportation funds.

At the Caltrans Meeting, during Q and A I asked about the latest Rumble Strip moratorium. And, I was asked to email Cal Trans for a response. FYI...The California Bicycle Advisory Committee is still addressing this issue with Cal Trans Director, Malcolm Dougherty.

Also, I learned how important the role of the CalBike advocacy is to insure that  SB 1 funds support the mission of the California Bicycle Coalition. Cal Bike drafted ten principals to guide policy makers on using SB 1 transportation monies.

I also learned how important our Local Active Transportation Group is to securing County, State and Federal grants. This group is critical in supporting Bike friendly planning. In 2017,  the Calaveras Active Transportation Group and the Calaveras Council Council of Governments submitted an Active Transportation Grant to support Cycling Tourism in the Motherlode. The grant was not funded in 2017, but has been rewritten and resubmitted for funding in 2018.

This grant if funded will help identify roads that are used by cyclists and means to promote cycling tourism in the Motherlode Counties: Calaveras, Alpine, Tuolumne and Mariposa.

Coming soon will be another opportunity for our rural counties to access SB 1 monies and the State will be hosting grant writing workshops. I’m planning to attend grant writing workshops to seek monies for the Cal Trans District 10 Motherlode Counties.

RideandWalk4Art will be held on Sunday, March 18, 2018. The new start location is New Hogan Dam Administration Office. The ride options include a 30 and 60 Mile Ride out to Pardee Reservoir and Lake Comanche. A three mile Walk will be along the Hogan bike and walking trail. And, we will be holding a mountain bike ride out Acorn Campgrounds. A bike and walk art show will be on display along with our popular chicken in a barrel lunch.

A “Doing Business As” statement on behalf of the Motherlode Bicycle Coalition was filed in Valley Springs News for 30days and its official! MBC is an affiliate of of the California Bicycle Coalition under this organizations Education Fund.

The Bike Safety Riding Meeting with the local Calaveras County Highway Patrol, Sergeant Tobias Butzler has been rescheduled in December. The purpose of this meeting is to introduce ourselves, discuss popular ride locations, safety concerns, and cycling events in Motherlode.

The Jackson Historic Bike Race and Ione Family Ride were both a success for cyclists! Over 100 Northern California Nevada Bike racers raced around downtown Jackson and loved the course. We had 20 cyclists enjoy the Sunday ride out Five Mile and Brubeck Roads. For 2018...we are reviewing potential Criterium and road race locations to hold a weekend of Bike Racing in the Motherlode!

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